Modern or Classic, what's your preference?

When I come across an article, image, ad, etc. that catches my eye for one reason or another, I save it in an 'inspiration' folder. In reviewing my collection and specifically the floral design clippings, two categories emerged; tropicals and modern design. Tropicals was not a surprise given my love for orchids, bird of paradise, anthuriums and any other tropical that I can grow at home. The modern design was a bit of a surprise as I would have to say that our home, furnishing, etc. would fall into the classic category. The simplicity but at times dramatic, the punch of colour and the focus on a few specific flower varieties seems to draw me in.

Modern or classic, do you have a preference?

Here are a couple of my recent modern creations.

This tall cylinder vase arrangement features gold rush yellow roses and purple dendrobium orchids surrounded by large monstera leaves. The height is extended with fresh banded willow branches and the echevaria succulent finishes this design.

This tall (30") arrangement highlights the green and red anthuriums nestled among the monstera and ti leaves.

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